About Sylvermyst Technologies

Sylvermyst Technologies acts as a front-end for the hobbies of South African born engineer, Brendan James Gray. Although it had been operating in some form or another for many years, Sylvermyst Technologies was manifested in its current form during the course of 2009, in response to the need to have a company name to enter into the "Company Name" field in online forms.

Sylvermyst Technologies primarily concerns itself with software and web development, as well as simulation and analysis.

About Brendan Gray

Brendan James Gray was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He always knew he'd one day go to space, but in the year 2000, started programming computers as a hobby instead. He has since worked in Pascal, Delphi, C++, MATLAB, Python, and Javascript amongst other languages. He spends his days writing MATLAB software to solve technical problems for clients, and his nights writing Python software to solve his own technical problems.

In 2009, he graduated at the top of his class with a Bachelor's degree in aeronautical engineering, and went on to earn a PhD in compressible gas dynamics in 2015. He has published one article, and presented three papers on shock wave behaviour at local and international conferences.

He likes to think of himself as an avid reader, casual gamer, occasional blogger, and proud cyborg, but most of his time is actually spent solving Rubik's cubes, which he usually solves in just under twenty seconds.

About This Website

This website was started for three reasons:

The current version of the website was written using only free and open source software on a computer running the Ubuntu operating system. It was written in the Netbeans IDE, starting from the HTML5 Boilerplate, adapted for PHP. Graphics were created using Inkscape and touched up in GIMP. It is hosted for free by x10Hosting.

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