Years before it was even founded, Sylvermyst Technologies was developing software to achieve pointless goals, because keeping a mind occupied is the most important thing that can be done. We at Sylvermyst Technologies firmly believe that a bored mind is a wasted mind.

Unless otherwise specified, all of the software linked on this page is made available under either the GNU General Public License, or the MIT License. The relevant licenses are included in a text file with the software.

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Programs written to aid in or automate a specific task.

A simple tool for quickly and easily capturing pixel coordinates from a series of images.

Jagged Alliance Save Generator
Generates and balances a custom initial save for Sir-Tech's 1994 tactical RPG.

Kanji Learning Aid
Includes a program for searching Kanji, and one for testing your knowledge.


Things that help pass the time, in which player choices and actions directly impact on whether or not specified challenging objectives are met. You probably already have a pretty good idea of what a game is.

Page Ripping Champion 2013
The object of the game is to rip out all 250 pages in a book and set a high score.


Things that are fun or interesting to engage with, but without the challenging goals.

Solar System Explorer
A program to aid in understanding the scale of sizes and distances in the Solar System.

Programs for plotting Julia sets, and exploring the Mandelbrot set.

A small artificial life system with evolving entities.


Scripts are pieces of programming code that were originally not intended to be run outside of their original programming environment. As a result, you will require a full installation of the programming language in order to use them.

Minecraft Wing Designer
A Python script to aid in the construction of an accurate 3D aircraft wing in Minecraft.

S.E.P Chart Creation Scripts
A set of MATLAB scripts that plot the specific excess power curves for generic aircraft.

In Progress

The software below is incomplete, but progress is occasionally being made, and it will hopefully be ready for use one day.

Incomplete and Buggy Software

The software below is incomplete and/or buggy, and it is unlikely that any of it will be developed further. It is included here in the hopes that someone else may find it useful and/or educational.